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I used to be depressed about the bankruptcy of my business and about the unfairness of life that can ruin us even when we work hard... Now I understand that to be a man who loses everything is a great privilege. For a man who has nothing, has nothing to fear.

Alien blood is slowly dripping from my hand, blood of my ultimate nemesis.
The copyrightfag.
I had a fairly successful business until a disaster happened. I was subcontracted to build roofs of newly developed buildings. We worked on it for several months, paying workers and for materials with my own money. When it came time of payment, we didn't receive any. Our contractor was dodging payment. He actually, never intended to pay. I had to start a long court case to regain my money and I had to close my business. I had a big tax debt as one has paid taxes from bills, not from real money that one got. My bill have never got paid.

Yet, I have learned about something, about vile alien thieves that stole my justice. A computer graphics teacher in my school would often talk about how we should beware of the copyrightfag cult because it can destroy people financially for "stealing" a photo or a font.
Yes, while I got nothing for my suffering, these vile aliens, were able to get vengeance and lots of money for minor offences.
These vile little thieves. If someone "stole" their images, their fonts, then they stole my justice, they stole millions of dollars worth of justice from me. After this revelation I have lost my interest in anything but getting my justice back, anything but vengeance over these vile aliens.

Soon, even after I have put so much effort into rebuilding my life, my health started to deteriorate again. I was possessed by hatred and hunger for revenge. This kind of theft of justice couldn't be forgiven. My target list was updated. The copyrightfags were now a priority target.
I have suffered for a long time until I have read a message on my favourite internet forums. It was about the value of action, throwing away everything for one's conviction. Following one's own emotions.
It was a beautiful ideology. To not just self-immolate with hatred but actually channel it against the enemy, the vile alien thief and see him burn.

Thus, came the time to act. I decided to strike against a company that the graphics teacher stupidly mentioned by name - the owner of this company not only received such compensations, but even baited people into using his photos without his permission. I made a quick recon, examining the target. It was poorly secured. No guards, only one "person" inside - the vile thief of justice.

I wrote a 2000 page manifesto and linked to it on my favourite forums together with goodbye posts. Then I took my set of kitchen knifes and an axe. I called a taxi and went to the den of thief.
I entered it and faced the thief. That alien thing was wearing a suit and looking at me with alien, soulless eyes.
-Hello, what can I do for you.
-Hello, I'm a student in school X. My professor have told me about your little business. About how you can get 12000 PLN for a photo worth 500 PLN in the court. About how profitable it is.
-Actually, why did you come here? It's weird to just come in and to talk to strangers about this kind of stuff.
-I came to say, that you have stole my justice. I want you to pay 2000000000000 PLN for it.
-Is this some kind of a joke, am I in a hidden camera?
He realised that jokes are over when I pulled out pepper spray and sprayed his face. I kicked him in the stomach with my steel-capped boot. He folded up, crying.
-You are considered guilty of stealing my justice. The punishment is death.
-What... *cough* you fool... *cough* there's no justice! *cough* There will never be! *cough* Only the money count! - the thing mocked.
I started kicking it in the chest, breaking its ribs. Then I stepped on it's hands. The alien thief wailed in agony.
Then I pulled out my knife and grabbed and straightened it's broken hand, stepping on its jaw.
-In old times, the punishment for stealing was losing a hand. For stealing justice, there's a special punishment.
I put the blade of my knife between its fingers in the middle of the hand and started cutting through its palm, cutting it in two and then continuing to cut through its forearm. Blood was flowing and the thing was screaming in agony. It was like music for my ears.
I split its forearm in two and then opened it. The alien thing was wailing inhumanely.

Then I pulled out my axe and started hacking at its face, and finally at its skull, killing it. I hacked and hacked, until its head was an unrecognisable mass of meat, bones and brain.

I had no illusions about my ability to get away with that execution. I went to a phone and called police.
"This is the leader of the anti-inequality resistance of Poland. My mission is complete. I want to surrender."

"When you stare at me I see you hanging flesh
I see thousands of you torn asunder every time
Everything what you built I see as target to attack
Cause I'm in love with you my beloved human race
Your beautiful faces expressing how it hurts
Everytime when I rape your daughter
Your beautiful faces expressing how it hurts
Always while I drill her cunt"

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